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Dec 1, 2013 8:00pm PST
that this is laden with risks and problems with morning sun just about everything. taxes and death no count suggests the worst air and higher taxes. eu membership month it's as scotland can forget about it the trident nuclear program david cameron claims getting rid of it is a bad idea in case of the book to a nuclear attack. my teeth and the roaming charges the immobile fellas if the split happens at the list goes on to stop the project the year by the yes camp they accuse the government of scaremongering stopped in to vote no and this is the white paper will prove that independence would bring about a jobs bill and a thriving economy concerns that resonate with voters this white paper answers some six hundred and fifty questions said that details give me the marquee their two main categories here one knows it will be negotiated during the transition period and another ideals to be made to become independent scottish government is in deed for warmth. they promise and eat a lot of breaking down of all the policies they want to pursue the system what a sad little supply coal to damaging wish list of
Dec 5, 2013 8:00pm PST
's a lot of bulky telling you there. obviously the massive taxes on corporations. but no it does raise some allotted in this interesting points about the oneness the week ok one is of additional protest ok and on who's got the money to state what can and can't work on latino. going into this paypal is looking at receiving upwards of five million dollars in restitution for the crimes of alleged crimes committed by these activists and now they're looking at receiving around eighty k on it so a lot of people were building up the stable no paypal that all the time to go out there and say no. don't tackle these kids don't open in jail and pierre recently just made a statement this week saying are you in all lighted leniency for it that people fourteen. i was hoping that you know why i plead his case of the spring over a little bit in the attention has spread and most readers know not many people talk about is the irc a weapon is randomly taking so much for filling as an adult i are out feelers to your website are good outcome for the latest on all the presents. when your dear a pro business grou
Dec 2, 2013 10:30am PST
of commons the scene of numerous protests and those who are against the federal tax study to support the high cost of living simply unsustainable for many in this country thousands attended a social attitudes survey has found that seventy five percent of people in political system is not working for them to be other solutions to people about the year. the black community party hoping the question is why people given voice to those who feel on his activity by the current governments the conservatives and lib dem speeches are going to boil pasta on the bush people in this country. i made was to nothing about it. britain is different to the rest of europe and that in my studio think and have gotten to that people in dire poverty. if that's the best they can do with the economy then we can think of the bed to read that's why the dog. i caught a flight of stairs the top of the conservatives. well let me acknowledge that change will not come overnight but if anything what and who looks like this i don't like is the reason for the citizens weeks ago when what they're looking for a death wish they'd
Dec 2, 2013 5:00pm PST
would take us only ten minutes. so j taxes to the government building again and upload. but on the other hand he also said that the government was ready to say that the site table would be well positioned to go see a lot of support this political crisis out. he also promised that a peaceful protest this will not be touched by the special forces by the police also boarding statements coming from the other side of political ads get the grades of the opposition. one of the leaders said that he expected to cut the police to storm the state administration building the water which the protest was captured yesterday secondly they tell which broke loose on a sunday it's changed the whole protest to practically the protests which dr decides to be about the refusal of the government to sign the utah association deal lot of talk right now is who actually still behind to finance the unprecedented violence which we so at the president's office building on sunday. let's take a look at my report last week it was all about the willingness to be in europe this time ukrainians are suggesting that the pres
Dec 3, 2013 10:30am PST
and tax exemptions is can i help hundred thousand people with papa doesn't sound right till the time she in fact all of the population of likes and doesn't have a saying that since two thousand and eight iceland has actually come around for a long way. it has some free not simply be blind to cloak it was pretty much it is often the fast tillman a thorn in the whole financial crash and we had intense note that seeks to mind. haydn country's gdp which is pretty sound sank as stock market plunged ninety percent effaced and says any team at the family has unemployment act nineteen ninety five of us just to keep pete and i did what happens to the company sets up and set in sicily did say they decided to go against what the rest of europe was dating sinead paid off. can c win and sensible than suppressing they decide to stay in a few days. will the as well today may help some people constructing a bunch on holidays instead of using taxpayers' money came the compensation of about twenty years the media decided the ants into c and me enough that at some of the bank is in prison the one they noti
Dec 3, 2013 8:00pm PST
taxes. and still ahead here on our team opposition to genetically modified foods has grown by leaps and bounds all of gmo to get the glare of little was said or done about it differently the modified to you jen assets will tell you more about this overlooked process after the break. who knew him i knew. i knew. each the air. the road the door stories. you know. since changing the world likes. no pictures. it is. i don't every day in opposition to the use of genetically modified organisms or gm those gains more and more action as advocates call for their respective state or country to implement food labeling mas and band gmo crops. that mounting pressure seems to be working just last july monsanto the leading gmo manufacturer when drew applications to sound genetically modified seeds in the european union. however while she and i have begun to lose their luster other chemical companies are using monsanto is bad press as an opportunity to open up the market to another questionable technique. it's called new genesis and snail mail. in fact it's been around for years. even now it's been
Dec 4, 2013 7:30am PST
infrastructure tax and education to high level government delegation at the foreign names and details we are. economic situation has been a very high inflation beat any team thing that did it. the interstate going down and the flight stakes and maintaining steady the co chair deputy and that the spiral of edf have courted this add the pasta is turning the economy and to take piccies now that's ok the ceasefire intended attention to the issues of the farms at eight on enterprise it's the least. i can add to many other years macroeconomic instability and inflation on the lawn to business concerns. one day one read by countless how to restructure the economy increase conducted name. and that restructuring process depends greatly on tesco the week on us tv host a luncheon at the capital though the issue with it's got to like me into this deep yet meeting with sen kerry the spirit at this time to share the expectation of pastors and more efficient at the least the forms. not enough has been done yet what people want to see our. what you call short the first steps of this. which is making this a l
Dec 4, 2013 1:30pm PST
by tax bill and the site's my neighbor that took two areas there's only us an insight into the boxing awesome would know what i taste it estimates that three of the house for the same day with a view to the people he and the entire experience was so much together. i can truly say my husband knows the inside of the night i was in the ninety s i'm sitting on the written code to become the owner don't know yet southern end of town and the ferry and stick them to be behind the curtain and it was learnt to choose life when two teeth. the cast. now we start again and he was into the car bomb. it's right in and i tried to get me to move. i mean i didn't see the empty feeling. and while i'm on to say you are not partisan. i'm trying to protect the times no kids. i had already checked the change as i know it by having a chat with me on sunday and error and said that the bavarian i take after one of the practice run up to christmas. she has even notices. thankfully when i went to the bottom line is that it burned his finger still things that were installed. she never should never be the lead p
Dec 5, 2013 10:30am PST
about the fear that they too had as a tax on the christian community in sight so that its contents. the news media allegedly showing another rev an attack on a christian site in syria. this is the nineteenth. also don't want extreme need damascus steel position justified do so with claims the government raceway using it as a firing position inside the rebel within reach of our eyes on the scientists of all people would report to the lead in the attack on fees kevin and inside was an anglican priest from syria he says christians are being used to scan and for that. in the conflict thousands and thousands hundreds of thousands wealth of christians where displaced from their homes. and the local full of christians with guilt which we hopped on the shelves. missing from my home and hope we don't know anything about them. now one of the attack on the island the christian community in cabo. the world is watching river did it because the christians in syria have been specifically targeted old just for the getting caught up and avoid the conflict was the big chair. i think the rba fuel was
Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
to the christian quartet showed me a mountain found in texas and spoke about the fear that they too had as a tax on the christian community in sight so that is today. when he is the video allegedly showing another rebel attack on a christian site in syria to this dimensional filled moments treated damascus the opposition justify the assault would play with the government to be using his firing positions over the rebels unleashed in the trunk of the site several people reportedly wounded in the attack us but the priest of the canapes from syria he told me that christians are being used as common foe that as this complete goes on. thousands and thousands hundreds of thousands wealth of christians where displaced from their homes. and look both of christians with guilt which we hopped on the shelves. missing from last fall when the call. we don't know anything about them. the rba's view was by both sides as has the political comment because the leak of an aging. no one was also two feet to push all that they are protecting the minority especially the christians and now they are begging for for the
Dec 6, 2013 10:30am PST
's businesses police that the atkins friendly right taxes the deadline to do count and government buildings. these korean off to the death of nelson month and that we know it is cheney from office on travel to a global standard of compassion and equality forsyth. house goes on like no joke. what self esteem that's unusual. the wga spaghetti increasing numbers of brits who we discover a bookcase to attacking cashing in dublin regulation scientists the new . what's he on the interaction with my countertop. hypertext is in kiev has been given five days to stop disrupting government departments opposition activists have been broken my ski institutions for much of this week. cheering on the prior european matisse and told eu and us diplomats who are in ukraine for security summit really delish guess is that. usually they're sad twentieth to the curate i'd like yesterday we had that this grill the elite evening. not just for the opinion protesters but also with western politicians. i wanted to increase the critics randall and who has acted a visit to the tent city that was set up here by the prot
Dec 7, 2013 7:30am PST
the end of this evil taxes. i didn't break over the striking activity should be subjected to more federal regulation what needs to happen is there needs to be more harm to those who are most vulnerable to the harms and all. here you know companies talk about conducting this in a state away. but the there is no objective answer to what this state. this is um it's it's a system that vulnerable to what was called normal accidents they can certainly something to happen go wrong with that at any time. the weather that's too frequently occurring or whether the cars involved are of greater magnitude i think reasonable people can disagree on that question. so the real question isn't whether it's a it's cool to determine whether it's safe enough. another question that people who are our most vulnerable to storms and will have to agree to stay in school in indonesia the sort of restructuring the political dialogue around us france is leading a second my age intervention in africa this year sending treat to have the competence of the central african republic there are four three thousand french troo
Dec 8, 2013 8:00pm PST
to boosting opposition to the different tax earnings. we still like to see it. journalist neil clarke compares the reaction of european politicians to the protests in ukraine hypocritical. they have been proud to be headed for nashville to visit ukraine is very much a presence in the west ukraine. we didn't get a good introduction going to struggle when your solidarity with the way but the eu treaty. the protest easy to keep it peaceful day with great brutality by the police little fortunate to be a dress to be a good tackle that. extract. ukraine to divorce to his ribs and seeds eagle st writes that demonstrate its current european union st region inside sheou know they give you the space vacant it's absolutely outrageous shipping. ruling party officials are urging the protesters to go home they said the blockade of administrative buildings as preventing the approval of the twenty fourteen but get a cavity impact on state salaries and pensions across the country. so far though no sign of the rallies abating the thousands of pro government after the stage gravel rallies in kiev and across the
Dec 9, 2013 10:30am PST
with it happy with its welcome back. as one of us quakes have paid taxes and testimonies and watch conference to the front is a say aspects of the station is at the forefront of the shale gas for vacation and although funds that generation byzantine says. this is on c's can actually count found out why wouldn't i commute is quiet and crumble the support of politicians for the trading remains and shaken the columns head shaking so hard it's actually pulled the tree and look around here. rebecca williams is showing me the cracks in her home after a series of earthquakes shook the area she has lived here for almost a decade and have never experienced an earthquake until tracking began in her neighborhood. i'm never know when announced wednesday he adds. i don't sleep that night the kids they keep me awake at night it seems like a lot of other happen here and that the wee hours of the morning aaron miller the real world commission the agency that regulates oil and gas industries time to call it the residents. he claims there is no appeal but even if it's in private hands tracking the injection we
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)